A Step back in time

The shows are set in historic Sussex Countryside

The Sussex Downs fold a gently undulating arm around the little village of Laughton and protects the once densely wooded Sussex Weald from the ravages of the sea. The chalk ramparts of Beachy Head stand a few miles away, as does the county town of Lewes famous for its castle, once the seat of Baron De Warrenne, right hand man to William The Conqueror and reputedly the richest man in Britain. Lewes is also famous for one of the biggest bonfire night extravaganzas in the country and is the home of the famous Harvey's brewery, which supplies the real ale for our shows. The seaside resort of Eastbourne with its pier and Sovereign Harbour is to the south whilst just a few miles to the east is Pevensey castle, now inland, but once on the seashore and one of the first fortifications the Romans built. Later, of course, Pevensey was famous as the landing place of William the conqueror who swiftly moved inland to camp at Senlac Hill and there do battle with King Harold. A farm near Pevensey was the first site for 'The Cuckoo Spring Fayre', which in itself can trace its history back to a tradition belonging to the nearby market town of Heathfield when a fair of a similar name was first held in 1827. The story goes that during the winter the Cuckoos are in the keeping of an old lady of uncertain temper; if she's in a good mood she goes to the fayre with a cuckoo in a basket and releases it. As from that day spring arrives and the cuckoos are heard all over Sussex. The cuckoo fayre is still held on the second May bank holiday and is the first show of the year at the Stream Farm Showground. With the trees gone, mostly to make charcoal, and for the wooden walls of Henry the eighth's battle fleet, the Weald gave way to rich pasture land for cattle and sheep and to fields of barley and wheat. Teams of oxen and shire horses would plough the clay soil and the chalky downland slopes. It is from this farming tradition that 'The Laughton Country Show' was born. This is the second major show to be held at Stream Farm. Although both shows are steeped in tradition they are also designed to be a great day out for all ages and all the family. In the past years our shows have played host to many spectacular attractions including; dog fighting aircraft, car-crushing tanks, axe wielding lumberjacks and can-can dancers. Take a trip through our website to see some of the attractions we have to offer. Whether you are an exhibitor, a trader or one of our very welcome guest visitors, we are sure that you will find something of interest at ' The Cuckoo Spring Fayre' and 'The Laughton Country Show

So in conclusion ...

Come visit and experience the Sussex Weald and the fun of the Fayre